HAVE YOU PLANNED YOUR HEART ATTACK? What you need to know to understand and reduce your risk (2016)


This book could save your life, or the life of someone you love.

The first-of-its-kind, it offers a balanced and referenced discussion of coronary risk assessment using modern technology. Taking a picture of the coronary arteries using CT to see the health of the arteries is not new; it just isn't done routinely. Yet, by using these advances specialists, GPs and patients can be ahead of the cardiovascular health game.

 Had this CT scan not taken place, she would have felt protected by her good cholesterol readings and healthy lifestyle while unwittingly actually being at significant risk of a heart attack at any time. (case study)

In the introduction, the author and Hobart cardiologist Dr Warrick Bishop writes:

As the cardiologist, I have not yet met a patient who expected to have a problem; patients do not put in their diaries “possible problem with my heart next week”. Yet, what if we could be forewarned about, or be prepared for, a potential problem with our coronary arteries? What if we were able to put in place preventative measures that may avert the problem? What if we were able to take away the surprise of a heart attack occurring ‘out of the blue’ and replace possible fear with prepared understanding? What if we could PLAN NOT to have a heart attack?

Have You Planned Your Heart Attack? brings the future into the present as it opens up important conversations to be had between patients and their doctors.

A shortened version of the book has been published as "Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack", for the American market.

author:  WARRICK BISHOP Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

ghostwriter:  PENELOPE EDMAN, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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